The best company retreat venues in Spain

Looking for the best company retreat venues in Spain? They’re all here.

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All of our venues are selected to cater to the needs of a team, and we only list the most aesthetic venues. It's free to message all venues on our platform.

This is our pick of the 3 very best company retreat venues in Spain ⬇️

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Stunning eco-resort and nature oasis only 45 minutes from Barcelona airport

Eco-resort in a nature reserve with two swimming pools, a nearby lake, and stunning beaches within a 20-minute drive. Enjoy organic food in the three onsite restaurants, with views of the surrounding countryside 🌱

Barcelona, Spain
Up to 116 people
60 bedrooms
from  €175  / room / night
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Exclusive countryside villa nestled in the hills of a beautiful Spanish nature reserve

An exclusive countryside estate nestled in the hills of a national reserve. This venue is completely private with lush gardens, multiple pools, and dramatic views of the Andalusian mountains ⛰

Málaga, Spain
Up to 20 people
10 bedrooms
from  €990  / night, exclusive hire
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Catalan mansion house with breathtaking sea and mountain views 45 mins from Barcelona

Tucked away in the picturesque countryside of Sitges, this Catalan manor house offers incredible views of the mountains and ocean 🌊 Enjoy 350 acres of land, dotted with pear, olive, walnut and almond trees, plus vineyards yielding grapes that produce local favourite: cava.

Barcelona, Spain
Up to 24 people
16 bedrooms
from  €2,500  / night, exclusive hire

What is a company retreat?

A company retreat is an event where individual teams or an entire company gather with a focus on getting to know each other, forming new friendships, and breaking the daily routine. Sometimes there will be workshops and presentations, sometimes there won’t.

Company retreats are the perfect antidote to team issues such as poor communication, quiet-quitting and silo working.

At Basejam, we believe nature is the perfect setting for a company retreat. It gets people out of their comfort zone, and interrupts the same mental loops that can appear when working from home or at an office.

All of our venues are selected for company retreats, and we only list the best. We don’t list boring hotels.

How to choose a company retreat venue – what to look for

Location, location, location

The location you choose impacts everything from weather to activities to cost, so it’s a big one to consider.

Begin by thinking carefully about your goals for the retreat - does your team need a total refresh in the countryside, a big dose of vitamin D, or to get their heads down without distractions? Writing a list of concrete aims can help narrow down your options for the ideal retreat location.

On a practical note, make sure the location is convenient for all attendees - especially if you follow a hybrid working setup and your team is dispersed across different regions. An accessible location not too far from major cities or transportation hubs will make it easier for everyone to attend, and set the retreat off on the right foot.


There are a few retreat-specific facilities that are essential to have when holding a successful company retreat. Ultimately you should look for venues that enable, rather than prohibit, the setup for your activities.

Some obvious examples of key facilities are breakout rooms, strong WiFi, event spaces and comfortable private bedrooms, but can also include things like coworking spaces, vegan catering options, presenting screens, and many more.


When it comes to company retreats, less can often be more. Here at Basejam, we reckon connection to nature should be at the top of your priorities list. As luck will have it, the benefits of the outdoors are completely free.

Basejam offers a curated selection of affordable company retreat venues without sacrificing quality or experience. You can explore venues that offer competitive pricing and unique facilities, ensuring you stay within your budget without compromising on the overall experience.

Need more help choosing a venue? See our full guide to choosing a company retreat venue.

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