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Your ultimate guide to choosing a company retreat venue

By Julian Canlas

Finding the perfect venue to suit your team's unique wants, aims and needs is key to organising a successful company retreat. We get it - navigating the many factors involved can be overwhelming. But with the right guidance and the help of a tool like Basejam, it doesn’t have to be.

Having organised a wide variety of impactful retreats, Basejam knows what’s important to consider in the planning process. Here’s a simple guide to help you start the process.

Boutique design hotel surrounded by nature in South Tyrol →

Vintage-style villa with lounge, pool, terrace and bar within picturesque gardens with views across the mountains and nearby vineyards. Enjoy dramatic Alpine views, and indulge in garden to table cuisine using ingredients grown in the villa’s vegetable plot 🥕
Design led Swimming pool Connect with nature Foodie Yoga Bike riding Wine tasting Hiking Mountain views

What to look for in a company retreat venue

Location, location, location

The location you choose impacts everything from weather to activities to cost, so it’s a big one to consider.

Begin by thinking carefully about your goals for the retreat - does your team need a total refresh in the countryside, a big dose of vitamin D, or to get their heads down without distractions? Writing a list of concrete aims can help narrow down your options for the ideal retreat location.

On a practical note, make sure the location is convenient for all attendees - especially if you follow a hybrid working setup and your team is dispersed across different regions. An accessible location not too far from major cities or transportation hubs will make it easier for everyone to attend, and set the retreat off on the right foot.

Manor house and workation space surrounded by nature →

A place for teams to connect, create, work and play. A unique manor house and coworking space surrounded by nature, 1hr 20 min drive from Berlin centre.
Connect with nature Yoga Sauna Spa Hiking Cycling Foraging Fire pit Wild swimming


There are a few retreat-specific facilities that are essential to have when holding a successful company retreat. Ultimately you should look for venues that enable, rather than prohibit, the setup for your activities.

Some obvious examples of key facilities are breakout rooms, strong wifi, event spaces and comfortable private bedrooms, but can also include things like coworking spaces, vegan catering options, presenting screens, and many more.

Basejam takes this step out for you in the planning process, with facilities simply categorised on venue profiles.

Old Millhouse with cottages in the picture-perfect Devon countryside →

Connect with nature in this holistic, multi-functional venue that transforms with the seasons. Spread out across the secluded grounds for wellness retreats, woodland immersions and workations, before sleeping in cottages to the sound of the forest.
Connect with nature Forest bathing Green creds Fire pit Workshops Cooking classes Yoga Meditation Wellness Art studio


When it comes to company retreats, less can often be more. Here at Basejam, we reckon connection to nature should be at the top of your priorities list, and as luck will have it… the benefits of the outdoors are completely free.

The most important thing is that your team is comfortable enough to achieve the goals of the retreat.

Basejam offers a curated selection of affordable venues without sacrificing quality or experience. You can explore venues that offer competitive pricing and unique facilities, ensuring you stay within your budget without compromising on the overall experience.

Plus, we don’t charge any booking fees!

Why Choosing the Right Venue Is Important

It sets the right atmosphere: Retreats provide an opportunity for team members to relax, unwind, and build teamwork through team-building activities and leisure time, so choosing the right location can lead to improved well-being, reduced stress levels, and renewed focus upon returning to work.

Fulfilling objectives: A peaceful and secluded venue can foster a conducive environment for team building, open communication, and strategic planning. On the other hand, a destination with access to exciting outdoor activities can encourage team bonding and foster a sense of adventure and camaraderie among participants. So choose a venue that fits well with your retreat objectives and planned team-building activities.

Ensuring comfort: A well-appointed and accommodating venue with comfortable bedrooms, spacious meeting areas and modern amenities will enhance the overall experience and make your employees feel their best selves throughout the retreat.

Boutique 'foodie' hotel with coworking →

Contemporary hotel with coworking, café, restaurant and food market for teams who love to cook and eat together. Situated at the foot of the Acropolis in the historical heart of Athens, this venue is a heaven for food enthusiasts.
Cooking classes Gym Roof terrace Design led Foodie Feasting Wine tasting Walks

How to choose the perfect company retreat venue

1. Know what your team wants

By taking the time to consider what your team values and enjoys, you can create an experience that caters to their interests and boosts enthusiasm for the retreat.

Start by gathering feedback from your team members - send out a survey or schedule a meeting to discuss preferences, amenities, and activities. Transform this feedback into a list of priorities you can use to filter potential venues.

2. Make a budget - and stick to it

When thinking about a budget, these are the key expenses you need to consider: venue, event space (if separate), transport, food and drinks, as well as additional activities and amenities.

A way to simplify the budgeting process is to opt for a venue that combines accommodation, catering and activities into packages. This allows you to set an overall budget for the entire retreat rather than individual budgets for different elements. Basejam’s retreat venues offer optional add-ons for catering and activities, so you can tailor your retreat to suit your preferences.

NB: Always leave some budget wiggle room for any unexpected expenses. We cover how much a company retreat costs here.

3. Figure out which facilities your team needs

In addition to the obvious, consider any extra services that would enhance your team's experience of the retreat. This could be anything from a vegan catering option to private spaces to be mindful, relax and unwind. Taking these extra things into account when booking a company retreat venue shows your team you care about their experience.

With Basejam, you can easily find venues that offer the perfect services and activities for your company retreat. From forest bathing and cooking classes to yoga and workshops, Basejam’s carefully curated list of venues offers something for everyone.

4. Timing is key

Though you may not have thought it, the right timing can make or break your retreat.

It sounds obvious, but make sure you choose a date that works for everyone; taking into account both professional and personal commitments - such as important deadlines and sorting out childcare.

It’s best not to schedule your retreat during a busy period when your team members are likely feeling overwhelmed. Typically, the best off-season months for company retreats are April, May, September, and October. Keep in mind any holidays or other events that may affect the availability and cost of your preferred date and location.

5. Consult a retreat expert

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, don’t forget there are people here to help. Bringing in someone with experience in event planning and retreat venues can provide valuable insights and save you some serious time and effort in the planning process.

With our specialised services and extensive network, Basejam can help you navigate the overwhelming process of venue selection, ensuring that you find the ideal retreat location that aligns with your goals and budget. Our extensive venue database consists of a wide range of options – from cosy retreats outdoors to sophisticated urban settings.

Organise your own festival at this luxury glamping spot in the woods →

Create your own company festival at this unique, rural location in the Essex countryside 🎪 Treat your team to nights under the stars in a tipi or yurt, mouth-watering eats from food trucks, accompanied by an acoustic guitarist around the fire, outdoor saunas and wood-fired hot tubs.
Connect with nature Walks Yoga Wine tasting Star gazing Cooking classes Fire pit Hot tub Wild swimming Paddle boarding Treasure hunt

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