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5 steps for planning a successful company retreat

By Julian Canlas

Host the ultimate company retreat experience by planning the event right. Company retreats are the perfect opportunity for teams to bond and recharge in a relaxing and inspiring environment.

At Basejam, we can help you set up an unforgettable retreat experience by providing you with a top-notch venue that suits your budget, needs, and goals.

In this article, weโ€™ll talk about how you can plan a successful company retreat. Letโ€™s go!

What is a company retreat?

A company retreat is an event that usually lasts for several days and is designed to help teams bond, recharge, and work on professional development. You can host your company retreat anywhere, from a local venue to a far-off destination. Some companies even rent an entire hotel or boutique resort for maximum privacy and exclusivity.

Company retreat planning

With the right approach, you can create an enjoyable and productive company retreat for your entire team. To help you bring your company retreat ideas to fruition, check out these planning tips:

1. Outline your goals, vision, and budget

The must-dos to pull off a successful company retreat include outlining your goals, vision, and budget. Clarifying your goals will help you choose activities and a location that aligns with your main objective for the retreat, such as generating ideas for an upcoming project or boosting productivity.

Consider your vision for the retreat. This includes the type of environment you want to create, the types of activities you'd like to offer, and the overall feel of the retreat. Perhaps, for example, you like the idea of a well-being retreat where your employees can unwind and recharge. In this case, you would aim for a tranquil environment with relaxing activities like meditation and yoga.

Lastly, set a budget to help you narrow down your location options and choose specific activities that fit within your spending limits. Many retreat activities can be organised at a low cost, such as trivia nights and company picnics.

2. Get staff on board

When it comes to planning a company retreat, getting your entire team on board is crucial for its success. Hereโ€™s how to do it:

  • Explain the importance of the retreat: Discuss the main objective of the retreat with your team and talk about how itโ€™s the perfect opportunity to get to know everyone.
  • Ask for their input: Ask your team for their input with aspects such as what activities they want to try and places theyโ€™d like to visit together.
  • Highlight the benefits: You can mention that itโ€™s a good way to take a break from work and socialise with peers, for example.
  • Address their concerns: Try communicating and addressing any concerns, such as the accommodation or how to get there.
  • Make it fun: Make sure you prepare fun activities thatโ€™ll get everyone involved.

3. Find and book a venue

Here are some factors to consider to help you find and book the right venue for your team retreat:

  • Location: Choose a venue thatโ€™s easily accessible and convenient for your team. For example, is it close to airports or other transportation hubs?
  • Size: Choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate your entire team. Make sure it has enough bedrooms and a large area where everyone can freely move.
  • Amenities: Consider the amenities that you may need like swimming pools, meeting rooms, and equipment.

With BaseJam, you gain access to a vast selection of unique and inspiring venues for your company retreat. From stunning resorts to cosy cabins, our curated options ensure you find the perfect backdrop for your team's success.

4. Book transportation to and around the venue

How will you and your team get to your venue? You might choose to hire a minibus or carpool, for example. You must also consider whether your team will need transport during the getaway. If so, you can hire transport for the entire duration of your stay.

5. Brainstorm team-bonding exercises

When planning a company retreat, it's important to include team-building activities thatโ€™ll help your team connect and bond. Brainstorming team-bonding exercises can be exciting. Get your whole team together to brainstorm possible activities that everyone can participate in.

Book the perfect company retreat venue today!

Planning your company retreat well ensures you avoid minor (and major) inconveniences. It also helps with making sure everyone has a good time. A well-planned retreat can lead to employees building meaningful relationships, learning new skills, and working towards common goals. Book your venue with Basejam today.

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