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10 company retreat ideas for your team (plus locations)

By Rebecca Hall

Despite a number of studies proving company retreats are invaluable to company culture, and in the long term, increasing revenue, only 20% of organisations currently host them.

A study by Gallup showed that strong company culture leads to an average of 85% net profit increase over a five-year period.

Having studied the impact of Covid and the great resignation, Basejam realised that there is no better time for a carefully curated company retreat. We believe a retreat is much more than hiring a soulless conference hotel off the motorway.

Instead, the environment you choose should inspire, motivate and unite your team towards your company goals. There are plenty of handpicked places and spaces to choose from - each offering something unique, and all guaranteeing an unforgettable stay.

If the idea of organising a company retreat is a fairly new one, let’s get you started with the basics.

What is a company retreat?

A company retreat is a way to strengthen your team outside the four walls of an office, or the virtual walls of an online chatroom. It’s a chance to bring employees together so they feel connected with each other and the business.

There are no limits as to how big or small a company retreat can be - they can be designed for the leadership, as an onboarding trip or an annual event for the entire organisation. They can be day trips or extended stays in national and international venues - there really are no solid rules.

Company retreats are also often built around themes or goals—such as planning your next steps, honing the company mission, or celebrating big wins. This helps give the retreat a bit of direction.

Company retreats = Employee engagement 🚀

Company retreats can be an effective way to improve employee engagement, foster teamwork, and boost productivity. By investing in these types of activities, organisations can create a positive work culture that supports employee well-being and contributes to business success.

For instance, the social media tool Buffer organises company retreats as a way to build overall morale, given that they have a remote workforce and their team members are located across the world. According to the company, the retreats have led to increased collaboration and improved communication between team members.

So… have we peaked your interest? Below are some of the best venues we offer for team building activities.

1. Regenerative Farm Stay in Rural Sussex

Connect with nature Fire pit Green creds Meditation Wellness Wild swimming Workshops

This well-being retreat, nature reserve, and regenerative farm in rural Sussex, England, is a beautiful choice for your company retreat. It’s a place to relax and be inspired - with activities ranging from meditation and yoga to sound baths and fire pits.

2. French Country House in Dordogne

Is your company in need of a clear head? Escape to a French country house with a stunning pool and wellness space for your next company retreat. Indulge yourself in the exquisite luxury of this French farmhouse and nature's wonder among the surrounding idyllic woods and meadows. Find your next best idea on an evening stroll.

3. Historic Village in the Italian Hills

If the hustle and bustle of city life is getting you down, the possibility to connect and network in the fresh country air in the Italian hills could be everything you need to host a company retreat. Located in a historic Italian village, you can view the evergreen vegetation and trees while you hold your meetings in open-air conference rooms and break-out spaces. Plus, there’s superfast Wi-Fi to stay connected.

4. Coastal Hotel in Marmaris

Want a vibrant getaway brimming with activities on the edge of the Mediterranean? Try Marmaris, in Turkey. Your eyes can feast on the multiple beaches and there’s even the option to get a massage at the spa facilities. You can also run your corporate retreat meetings at the available coworking spots. Motivation and relaxation - check.

5. Countryside Farmhouse in Cornwall

Experience the beauty of Cornwall, England and indulge in a range of delightful activities at a working-farm retreat. Soak in the pure country air and make the most of the opportunity for a wood-fired feast. Rest up in charming, cosy cabins before utilising the modern conference facilities.

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