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What Month Is Best For a Company Retreat?

By Julian Canlas

What Month Is Best For a Company Retreat?

When the daily grind becomes a bit too much and your team needs a break, a workplace retreat can be the ideal solution. But there’s a very important question you need to answer before you can start planning—when is the best month for your retreat?

At Basejam, we’ve helped dozens of companies find and schedule the perfect retreat. And in this guide, we’ll be helping you pick the best month so that you can start browsing venues, planning activities, and getting the team excited.

Let’s get started.

What is a retreat?

A retreat is more than just a simple get-together of your company—it’s a trip that brings team members together outside the office to foster cooperation, trust, and morale. The change of scenery also makes retreats a great opportunity for goal-setting and innovation.

Basejam recognises the significance of these one-of-a-kind experiences. Our platform helps connect you with amazing, inspiring, corporate-retreat-ready venues from around the world.

Whether you're looking for a digital detox, a mindfulness retreat, or a team-building experience, our beautiful locations provide the ideal setting for finding inner peace and boosting personal growth.

What to consider when choosing a month for your retreat?

Choosing the best month for your retreat is critical in ensuring a pleasant and memorable experience.

Think about the following factors while determining the optimal time:

1. Slow seasons

Workloads tend to ebb and flow naturally throughout the year.

Booking your retreat during a slow season means less pending work to distract you and your team from the activities and bonding you have planned. To choose a time that works for everyone, consider creating a company calendar with mandatory workloads and events for the entire year.

Then look for gaps—these are potential opportunities for a retreat.

Basejam allows you to filter venues by availability dates to generate a list of options that correspond to your company's slow season.

2. Time of the year

Consider the current season of the destination.

Weather is a major factor in determining what activities you can (and can’t) do. Research local weather trends in your chosen area and make sure that they align with your plans and activities for that day.

3. Activities

While a workplace retreat may have a work-focused program, making time for fun and team bonding activities is important.

Plan for team meals and bonding opportunities that will help your employees to interact on a personal level. Balancing work and play during the retreat might result in improved business performance and a more motivated and cohesive team.

The Best Month To Plan A Company Retreat

Typically, the best off-season months for business retreats are April, May, September, and October. However, keep in mind any holidays or other events that may affect the availability and cost of your preferred date and location.

Based on their benefits, the following months are particularly well-suited for retreat planning:

1. January – February

An early-year vacation can be a fantastic idea.

The prospect of a fresh start and the chance to establish new objectives are probably motivating factors for your staff. You can leverage the excitement of a new year to identify organisational goals and foster a desire to achieve them together. Your staff will be able to focus more clearly during the retreat because January and February provide a break from the holiday rush and bustle.

2. May, June, September, and October

These months provide an ideal balance for conducting a retreat. May and June provide lovely summer weather without the throngs of the peak travel season. September and October are immediately before the holidays, so they are less crowded for many individuals and offer a fantastic time to engage your workforce without distractions. Taking advantage of your employees' quiet seasons might be just as useful as matching your company's slow season.

Discover your ideal retreat month now!

Careful planning and consideration of the optimal time for your team and company are essential for a successful retreat.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start in January, May or June's lovely weather, or September and October's tranquillity, Basejam has a curated selection of corporate retreat destinations waiting for you and your team.

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