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Team well-being activities to boost employee morale

By Rebecca Hall

Have you considered incorporating team well-being activities into your annual to-do list? If not, now’s the time to think about it. Team well-being activities work on developing emotional health, as well as mental and physical wellness.

At Basejam, we’re firm believers in the power of team well-being activities to build strong relationships, increase collaboration, and foster healthy communication. So, to help you get started, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite team well-being activities (and venues).

What are team well-being activities?

Team well-being activities are exactly what they sound like – activities that are carried out in teams with a strong focus on the participants’ well-being. They aim to cast aside the stress and burnout that so often goes hand-in-hand with the daily work routine. It is a chance for employees to collaborate, support each other, and re-energise ready for the year ahead.

Team well-being activities can be done in any location, whether at the office or a dedicated hotspot for such activities. Basejam provides retreats for groups of all sizes. How does a trip to the Mediterranean, with beaches, spa facilities, and a disco bar sound? Or perhaps a spell in a luxury 5-start resort in Greece, surrounded by all the beauty nature has to offer?

Whichever destination you choose, you will have ample opportunity to organise well-being activities like mindfulness meditation, yoga, and fun team-building exercises.

How can team well-being activities benefit your workplace?

Team well-being activities are not all about feeling good and having fun (although they’re great motivators). They can benefit your workplace in many more ways. Here are some key advantages:

  • Build employee-manager relationships: Traditionally, relationships between employees and managers are strained. Team well-being activities help everyone overcome that old cliché and build positive, open relationships.
  • Boost morale and engagement: Wellbeing activities that also promote teamwork encourage friendships and company loyalty. Work will become a place employees feel they can thrive. As such, they will become more motivated and comfortable within the company.
  • Employee collaboration: Collaboration is an essential component of any smoothly-run company. When everyone works together, efficiency and productivity can improve. Team well-being activities allow team members to use their collective strengths and skills to achieve a goal.

Things to consider when organising team well-being activities

If you’re planning some fun and exciting team well-being activities, keep these considerations in mind:

Goals and expectations

Establish a set of goals and expectations, and communicate these with your team. For example, do you hope to build more friendships within the team? Or, develop a more positive working environment?


Develop a list of activities that will help you accomplish your company goals. Ask employees for their input too so that they can feel involved in the process. Try to think outside the box and come up with tasks that are new and exciting.

Venue or location

Finally, consider where you will host your team's well-being activities.

The office might be perfect for some activities and perks. Take Google’s wellness program, for example. It includes everything from gym classes to meditation sessions—all free, all on-site.

Not all well-being activities can happen at the office, though. And for those occasions, Basejam can help you discover the ideal location.

Our searchable database is full of unique, inspiring venues from around the world with a range of health and well-being amenities. We also sort all our venues into helpful categories to help you land on the perfect location faster!

Are you looking to promote bonding and teamwork? Connect venues feature tons of activities that will bring your team together. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more peaceful and restorative, try one of our Recharge venues.

Best places to host your team's well-being activities

Well-being is at the heart of many of Basejam’s company retreat venues. Whether you’re looking for a UK mini-break or an international getaway to Greece, Turkey, or Switzerland, you’ll be able to find a location that fits the bill.

Here are a few of our favourite venues:

Countryside well-being in Somerset

Head on over to Somerset for a nature reserve retreat like no other. This well-being retreat has multiple accommodation options including a countryside cottage, glamping, and even cabins and huts.

Connect with nature Fire pit Green creds Meditation Wellness Wild swimming Workshops

Suitable for teams of up to 28, guests can connect with nature and practice activities like meditation, yoga, and wild swimming. Nighttime is sure to be magical, too, as teams swap stories around cosy fire pits.

1000 year old castle in Tuscany

Great for mid-sized companies looking for a unique and intimate experience.

Suitable for teams of up to 160, across a range of accommodation options including B&Bs, country houses, hotels and apartments.

Luxury glamping spot in Essex

This glamping spot is ideal for large groups looking for a festival-type retreat. Big companies such as Giff Gaff and Rightmove have hosted full team festivals at this site, complete with live music and activities.

Guests can enjoy parties and activities, making it a great location for socialising.

30 team well-being activities

Here are 30 quick-fire team well-being activities for you to get stuck into:

Wellness retreat activities

  1. Beginner group fitness classes (e.g., Pilates or yoga).
  2. Outdoor group exercise (e.g., runs, walks, and hikes).
  3. Meditation and mindfulness activities.
  4. Workshops to learn nutrition and healthy cooking to promote employee health.
  5. Adventure team-building exercises like obstacle courses and hiking.
  6. Spa days with massage sessions and acupuncture to ease tired muscles.
  7. Health and wellness events and fairs to discuss a range of health and wellness issues.
  8. Therapeutic creative workshops, such as painting and drawing, for relaxation.
  9. Thrilling activities like kayaking and mountain biking get the adrenaline pumping.
  10. Resilience workshops to teach employees how to better manage stress.
  11. Guided meditation sessions for stress reduction.

In-office activities

  1. Challenges to develop positive, healthy habits such as daily step challenges.
  2. Efficiency workshops and sessions to reduce workplace injuries.
  3. Reduce sedentary lifestyles by encouraging desk exercises, such as stretches.
  4. Guided meditation sessions at work.
  5. Desk plants all-around to oxygenate the office and reduce stress.
  6. Promoting self-care with gratitude exercises and/or journaling.
  7. Workshops to educate employees about anxiety, burnout, and depression.
  8. Escape rooms and trivia nights for team-building exercises.
  9. Fun activity nights for employees (e.g., Karaoke).

Company perks

  1. Workshops and seminars promoting financial health, saving, and investing.
  2. Lunch sessions to discuss skills like stress or time management.
  3. Regular health screenings for things like cholesterol and blood pressure.
  4. Sports tournaments and games like table tennis and basketball.
  5. Volunteer days and fundraising events to connect to the community.
  6. Efficiency-boosting furniture like footstools and standing desks.
  7. Wellness programs with incentives—gym discounts for example—to encourage healthy habits
  8. Therapy sessions for employees to support mental well-being.
  9. Skill-development workshops to enhance personal and professional development.
  10. Specialised support groups where employees can discuss problems like addiction.


Investing in team well-being can have far-reaching benefits—from boosting morale to encouraging collaboration. By incorporating activities from the list above, you can create a positive work culture that resonates with your employees.

Some of these activities can be integrated into everyday work routines, while others can be the centrepiece of an exciting retreat or getaway focused on supporting team well-being.

Basejam provides the perfect backdrop for these well-being events. Sign up today to discover our full list of wellness-focused venues.

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