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Inspiring leadership retreat ideas to empower your team

By Julian Canlas

Leadership retreats provide an excellent opportunity to enhance skills, foster stronger relationships and stir up some creative juices. These offsite retreats offer a chance to step away from the day-to-day grind and find new purpose within their leadership roles.

But like any corporate retreat, successful leadership retreats are the result of careful planning and execution.

It's a lot. Not sure where to start? Basejam is here to help with this guide to planning a leadership retreat. But first...

What is a leadership retreat?

A leadership retreat gives company leaders a chance to step away from their regular responsibilities to focus entirely on high-level discussions, strategic planning and relationship building.

There isnโ€™t a one-size-fits-all structure for a leadership retreat, but common activities include:

  • Group icebreakers and team-building exercises
  • Presentations from senior leadership
  • Roundtable discussions and brainstorming sessions
  • Workshops, seminars, or lectures
  • A mix of fun and relaxing activities

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Why are leadership retreats important?

Hosting a leadership retreat is a worthy investment in your leadership team.

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Team building:ย Build a high-performing team by fostering stronger connections and promoting effective collaboration. Here are some indoor team-building activities you can check out.
  • Skill development: Going on a leadership retreat can give space for leaders to get better at what they do and discover untapped potential.
  • Renewed focus and motivation: By dedicating time to development and growth, leaders can renew their sense of purpose and reignite passion for their roles. When leaders can afford to spend time thinking about how to get better, the opportunity for growth is unmatched.

Things to consider for a successful leadership retreat

When planning a leadership retreat, there are several key factors to consider to ensure its success.


Location, location, location.

Picking the right setting is vital to curate the vibe you want to achieve at your leadership retreat. Choose an environment that allows participants to escape the distractions of the office and fully focus on the retreat's objectives.

A good venue to host your leadership retreat should have the following:

  • Amenities (meeting rooms, co-working spaces, etc.)
  • Services (catering, fast Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • Space (enough to comfortably accommodate your team)

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We know - choosing the right venue for your retreat can be a challenge. But with Basejam, you can easily filter venues by basic requirements โ€“ from capacity and amenities and even the atmosphere you want the retreat to have.

Whether youโ€™re looking for a leadership retreat filled with festivities, a chance to connect with your team or an opportunity to recharge, Basejam has a selection of venues to meet your needs.

Activities and Workshops

When it comes to planning a successful leadership retreat, activities and workshops play a crucial role in enhancing the skills and abilities of your team.

Interactive sessions provide an excellent opportunity for leaders to not only learn new techniques and strategies but also to strengthen their relationships and build a stronger team spirit. Basejam offers venues that can cater for activities such as meditation, yoga, fire pits, connecting with nature, and specific skill workshops... to name a few.


Let's face it - leadership retreats can be daunting, so ensuring inclusivity is key. Not only in making all participants comfortable, but to get the absolute most from the retreat itself. A strong team, and a successful leaders retreat, is one that reflects and strengthens a variety of viewpoints.

Follow-Up Plan

A leadership retreat's success doesn't stop at the eventโ€”what comes next is equally as important. Once the retreat comes to an end, it's vital to maintain the momentum gained and make sure any valuable takeaways are integrated into everyday activities.

5 leadership retreat activity ideas

Here are some creative and innovative ideas to make your leadership retreat a truly unforgettable experience for your team:

1. Team-building challenges

One way to foster teamwork, collaboration, and trust among your team members is through team-building challenges: There are tons of activities that will work for thisโ€” and all you need is communication, alignment, and trust.

Popular examples include:

  • Trust falls
  • Blindfolded obstacle courses
  • The human knot
  • Scavenger hunts

These activities provide an opportunity for leaders to come together, learn from one another, and build stronger relationships.

2. Creative expression sessions

Incorporating creative activities such as design-thinking workshops or other art-based activities into your leadership retreat can provide your team with an opportunity to explore new ideas, strengthen their problem-solving skills, and foster a sense of innovation.

At leadership retreats, therapeutic art activities such as making a team painting can help everyone relax and make the introverts among us feel more comfortable. These team art classes are fun and creative, with no need to be a professional artist. You can do this in various places, like a local painting gallery, a workshop for botanical dyeing, or a pottery studio.

3. Storytelling

Gather your team around a campfire, set a topic (e.g., growth, motivation, failure) and let each member of the team tell a story. Ask questions to stimulate conversations and encourage team members to ask each other relevant questions as well.

Instead of relying solely on PowerPoint presentations or dry statistics, stories allow leaders to paint a vivid picture of the future they envision. Leaders can share stories about past successes or failures, highlighting important lessons learned along the way.

4. Mindfulness and stress reduction

More now than ever in today's hustle culture, leaders can benefit from mindfulness techniques to handle stress and support their teamsโ€™ well-being.

Introducing wellness activities like meditation, yoga, tai chi, or nature walks during the leadership retreat offers a chance for leaders to understand and apply stress-relieving methods - with infinite, long-lasting benefits.

5. Gratitude and recognition

Want an opportunity to celebrate some unsung heroes? Why not create a recognition wall or board during the retreat?

This can be a physical space where leaders can write notes of recognition and appreciation for one another. Seeing their contributions acknowledged and celebrated can be incredibly motivating for individuals and can reinforce a culture of appreciation within the team.

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Leadership retreats offer an excellent opportunity for leaders to develop their skills, strengthen relationships, and foster a positive company culture. By incorporating the ideas listed above, leadership retreats can contribute hugely to the growth and overall success of your entire team.

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