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Great team offsite ideas to boost cohesion

By Rebecca Hall

Need ideas for offsite team-building activities? You’re in luck.

A team offsite can help build stronger relationships, improve communication, boost morale, promote creativity, and enhance teamwork skills among team members. It also provides an opportunity for team members to step outside of their usual work environment, connect on a personal level, and work together in a new and stimulating setting.

In this article, Basejam will be giving you our list of the top 10 offsite team-building activities that are sure to bring delight and fun to your team in 2023.

What is a team offsite?

A team offsite is a meeting with your team that occurs outside the office. An offsite meeting’s primary goal is to gather your team to discuss work-related issues by combining them with team-building activities.

For example, you can run your offsite session at a retreat venue to build team morale, discuss large projects, etc. Choosing a retreat venue that aligns with your objectives can make all the difference in maximising the value of your team's offsite, but finding the perfect one can be a challenge.

But there’s good news.

Basejam is a curated, searchable database of company retreat venues for startups and teams. You can find your ideal place in seconds, so you won’t have to spend countless hours Googling locations. Start browsing locations and see for yourself!

How team offsites can benefit you

Boost employee engagement

Wondering how you can improve employee engagement? Consider hosting offsites for your co-workers at a retreat venue, at the beach, in the countryside, or anywhere where you can connect and bond. Employees enjoy these occasions and look forward to them with great anticipation.

Help build a camaraderie

The beauty of team offsite ideas is that they provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere for your teams to network and get to know each other. During these meetings, colleagues can share  positive personal experiences, learn about each other’s values and interests, and play together—perfect for building camaraderie.

Increase employee retention

Offsite meetings combined with team-building activities are a great way to strengthen relationships with your workers. They enable you to interact with them naturally and informally and learn more about their personal lives. As a result, you can enhance job satisfaction and performance, leading to improved employee retention.

10 Fun team offsite ideas

Are you looking for creative ideas for offsite meetings? Basejam has you covered with this list of eleven of the best team offsite ideas.

Let’s dive in.

1. Tour a Historic Village in the Italian Hills

Indulge in team bonding while you connect and network in an idyllic Italian village nestled amidst nature. Piemonte is the perfect off-site destination to uplift your team's morale.

You can encourage collaboration in designated breakout spaces and conference venues. And when you want to take a break, explore the ancient buildings with unique designs and relish nature's bountiful beauty.

2. Sing your heart out

Ever thought of using singing as an icebreaker in your offsite activities?

Studies show that performing karaoke with your team has a ton of benefits—from relieving stress to building trust. You can also use karaoke to help new employees integrate, as well as allow teams from different departments to connect in a relaxed and fun environment.

3. Connect with nature

If you’re looking for a retreat venue to recharge your mental batteries and well-being, a nature reserve and regenerative farm stay in rural Sussex, England, might be perfect. After your offsite meetings, you can gather around a firepit to network, enjoy sound baths, and meditate.

4. Build a Lego city

An offsite event shouldn’t be boring. And what better way to breathe some life into your meetings other than building a Lego city to ignite your team’s creativity? Yep, that’s right. You can bring back childhood memories of playing the Lego game at your company's offsite.

Building this massive Lego city together can strengthen relationships among employees and show them how to collaborate to achieve incredible results.

5. Random act of kindness

Encouraging random acts of kindness is another great team offsite idea. It’s a team-building activity that encourages colleagues to do good deeds for each other to improve their relationships. For example, they can talk about life experiences and share letters or handwritten notes with thank you or appreciation messages. They can also provide positive feedback, help someone with a difficult task, offer to be a mentor, bring presents to the meeting, etc.

6. Have a movie night

Why not host a movie night with your co-workers? It’s a fantastic offsite idea that is super easy to plan and coordinate. Select your movies carefully, provide some tasty snacks and food, add a few games, and ensure you have comfy seats.

Oh, and make sure you look at venues that have a large screen for showing the movie!

7. Wine tasting

Want to enjoy some fresh country air (and even fresher wine)? This working vineyard in Kent, England, is your best bet.

Your team can immerse itself in the working vineyards lush surroundings and cosy atmosphere. The retreat venue offers lots of offsite activities, such as cooking classes, wine tasting, workshops, foraging, and more. It’s a great place to rejuvenate and improve employee relations.

8. Beach day

Consider taking your team to the ocean, sea, large river, or lake for a refreshing offsite activity. It's an ideal opportunity to unwind, build relationships and have a casual day at the beach. Just make sure to reserve a spot with your local recreation authorities and parks department before you pack your beach supplies.

Add more fun to the event by asking your team to bring their favourite drinks and snacks. Don’t forget camp chairs and towels. Your team can bond through team-building games, like human knots, beach volleyball, boat races, flag football, and more.

9. Relax together on the edge of the Mediterranean

Why not have some fun on the edge of the Mediterranean?

Experience a relaxing and restorative team retreat in Marmaris, Turkey. This vibrant coastal city boasts numerous beaches, spa facilities, coworking spots, and a disco bar for endless revelry. Stay connected with Wi-Fi access and recharge in swimming pools.

Make use of convenient break-out rooms and an on-site restaurant to stay productive, happy, and full.

10. Do a scavenger hunt

For an engaging team-building activity that encourages co-workers to network, a scavenger hunt is a fun offsite option. Participants venture out to gather a series of peculiar or amusing objects; the winner is the team or individual that returns with all the items first.

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