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8 team away day ideas for your next company event

By Julian Canlas

Hosting a team away day allows your employees to take a break from the office and spend time with their colleagues outside the work environment. With the cost of company retreats, some companies prefer to save money by arranging an event for a single day.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue to host your company event, Basejam is here to help ease the process. We have a database of company retreat venues – all you have to do is filter the settings according to your team requirements such as accommodation type, preferred amenities, and group size. We’ll then check whether the venue is available for your desired dates.

Today, we’re going to go through some exciting away day ideas for your next company event. Let’s start!

What is a team away day?

Team away days are a chance for your employees to escape the everyday working environment and build relationships outside the workplace. They also provide the perfect opportunity to host team-building activities. As such, away days are excellent for improving teamwork, strengthening connections, and inspiring new ideas for the workspace.

A team away day requires proper planning and effective management to be successful. To host an amazing company retreat, the first thing you need is a venue. Basejam helps you find the perfect venue by presenting you with retreat locations based on your preferences. Once you’ve found a venue, hit “enquire”. We’ll then confirm the availability and rates with the property owners on your behalf.

Why is a team away day important?

Here are the reasons why team away days are important for your team:

  • Enhance team relationships and communication: Hosting an away day allows your employees to step outside their day-to-day responsibilities at work and interact with colleagues in a whole new different way, especially those that they don’t usually see or interact with in the office.

  • Build morale and lift spirits: It’s no surprise that the routine of going to the office every day to sit and face the computer for 8 hours can be monotonous and depressing. Having an away day to look forward to can lift your employees’ spirits and morale.

  • Improves employee well-being: Corporate away days provide an opportunity to relax and not think of any work-related stress. Away from the daily demands of work, your employees can improve their well-being by engaging in wellness activities such as yoga or outdoor sports.

8 team away day ideas

Here are some of the great team offsite ideas you could do:

1. Visit and hang out at a design-led winery

One of the best locations to host your team away day is a relaxing winery in the historic English parish town of Sussex. Nothing says relaxing like having a fun conversation and getting to know each other, while casually enjoying sampling different wines.

Book this vineyard, winery, and boutique hotel from Basejam for your next team away event. Enjoy the beautiful and rejuvenating views, along with country walks, cooking classes, and yoga. This venue is the perfect place to do team well-being activities and give your employees an indulgent away day experience.

2. French country house with pool and wellness space

If you live in France, you can spend your team away day connecting with nature among the woods and meadows of this luxury French farmhouse. Go for classic relaxing activities by allowing your employees to enjoy swimming in the pool, unwinding in the sauna, and getting a well-deserved massage.

3. Escape room

One of the best ways to test your team’s collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills is by joining escape rooms. By solving puzzles and clues within a set time limit, and working with each other to find ways to ‘escape’, you’re in for a thrilling and memorable experience.

4. Scavenger hunt

Hosting scavenger hunts is one way to make your away day memorable. Include fun puzzles such as rebus, riddles, and trivia that teams need to solve to find the next clue. Split the company into smaller teams, mix different departments, and add icebreakers as part of the riddles.

5. Labyrinth

Labyrinth is a cooperative board game for 2-6 players. The goal of the game is to guide a group of adventurers through a maze to the exit. Players take turns rolling dice to move their pawns around the board, and they must work together to avoid traps and obstacles.

Since the maze is full of traps and obstacles, players must be creative and strategic to reach the exit. The game requires effective communication, cooperation, and creativity.

6. Have lunch with other departments

A team away day doesn’t have to consist of physical activities all the time. Instead, you can host a team lunch with other departments as a perfect opportunity to get to know different people from within the company. Encouraging your team to interact with other teams encourages workplace friendship.

7. Funfair

Who doesn’t love a traditional funfair? For your next team away day, take your team to enjoy activities such as hook-a-duck, archery, axe throwing, and many more. Simple activities like these can provide hours of entertainment.

8. Paintball or Laser Quest

Paintball and laser quest are two different games that share the same goal: eliminate all the players in the enemy team by shooting paintballs or lasers. Players must work together to achieve their goals, and they must communicate effectively to coordinate their attacks. They also need to develop strategies to outwit their opponents.

Book a venue for your team's away day

It’s time to give your employees a much-deserved break from working in the office and give them an unforgettable team away day experience. Whether you want to recognise and reward your team for their hard work or strengthen relationships with one another, a good team away day deserves to be hosted in a perfect place.

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