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5 corporate team building activities in London

By Julian Canlas

Are you looking to give your employees a chance to bond to improve morale? Team-building activities are the perfect way to bring your team together – and London is just the place to do it.

London, the home of iconic landmarks and culinary delights, is an awesome city full of high-energy venues and bustling activities that your team is sure to enjoy.

Basejam is your ultimate ally in finding the perfect team-building venue in London. From unique event spaces to stylish conference rooms, get ready to browse through an extensive selection of team retreat venues.

Join us as we check out the best corporate team-building activities that you can do in London. Let’s get started.

1. Brainstorm and relax in a hotel

If you’re looking for the perfect corporate team-building activities in London, consider a day of brainstorming and relaxing in an urban getaway hotel. Your team can enjoy catching up over coffee or sharing new ideas from one of the hotel’s meeting spaces.

Hotels often provide a tranquil and inspiring atmosphere, away from the distractions of the office. The change of scenery can spark fresh ideas and invigorate creativity among team members. Whether in the calming ambiance of the hotel lobby, the lush gardens, or the breathtaking views from a conference room, hotels are a good place to brainstorm ideas with your team.

2. Enjoy a wellness retreat

A wellness retreat can be an excellent team-building activity. Visit Basejam and book this high-end hotel located in the heart of London City. It can accommodate up to 500 people and has great amenities such as:

  • Heated rooftop pool

  • Two outdoor terraces

  • Ten restaurants and bars

  • Spa treatments

  • Six dedicated meeting rooms

  • Over two hundred luxury bedrooms,

The hotel's stylish and contemporary spaces provide the perfect backdrop for employee wellness programs such as yoga sessions, spa treatments, and meditations. Assess the wellness needs and interests of your employees, and define your objectives and goals. This’ll help you host an unforgettable team-building activity.

3. Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is the perfect activity to test your team’s skills such as communication, collaboration, and decision-making. This game encourages team-building among team members by working collaboratively to strategise and execute their shots. They learn to take advantage of each team member's strengths, consider different viewpoints, and make decisions as a cohesive team.

Shuffleboard is often played on a long, smooth wooden table or court, which is divided into distinct scoring zones. These zones include the scoring area, foul line, and end zones. Each player or team stands at one end of the court and takes turns sliding their discs alternately. Points are awarded based on the location of the discs after each turn.

4. Crazy golf

According to a report by Gusto, 37% of employees stay in their current job because they’re working with a great team. One of the best activities to strengthen your team’s connection and friendship is crazy golf.

London is bursting with options for crazy golf. It’s a favourite activity among companies and guarantees a good time. You can divide your team into groups so they can navigate through the imaginative courses together. They may encounter challenges such as varying course layouts and time pressures. One of London’s best crazy golf venues is Swingers.

5. Escape rooms

Escape rooms require teams to work together to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and ultimately escape within a time limit. They require effective communication, critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills to analyse and interpret clues. Employees must work together to connect the dots and find the way out of the locked room.

Find the best spot in London

We hope you find our top five picks of the best activities in London helpful. Gather your team and embark on a memorable journey of collaboration, creativity, and relaxation with fun and engaging team-building activities in London. Secure a great spot with a stunning view, luxurious amenities, and a spacious area to accommodate everyone. Create your Basejam account here!

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