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5 corporate team building activities in London

By Julian Canlas

Love it or hate it, London is the epicentre of company and cultural activity - making it home to a plethora of team-building activities.

Home to a whopping three million companies, itโ€™s easy for employees to feel overwhelmed by this corporate jungle - but another round of escape rooms is unlikely to solve this.

If youโ€™re sick of awkward icebreakers, pricey meals and soul-destroying conference rooms, this list of unique team-building activities in London is for you.

1. Foraging ๐Ÿ„

A team foraging trip is a wholesome and low-cost way to get your team out into nature and work towards a common, non-work-related goal. You can use this app to identify your Funghi findings or find a local foraging expert (these exist even in London!) to take your team on a foraging adventure in nature.

Take a wild food walk in East London or complete a foraging course in the lush Greenford areas of West London.

2. Go on a hike โ›ฐ๏ธ๐Ÿšถ

Itโ€™s easy to forget that London is just a train ride away from some of the most outstanding areas of beauty in the UK. Whether itโ€™s tackling the cliffs of the Seven Sisters or aiming for the picturesque villages near the Chiltern Hills, the options and the benefits of getting out of London are endless.

Hikes can be a particularly useful team-building activity due to their psychological impact. Research by Andrew Huberman from Stanford University says if you focus on long distances or wide angles, your thoughts and conversations will become broader.

Ever wondered why we have much better and deeper conversations while out on a hike with a group of friends?

3. Group pottery ๐Ÿชด

Pottery has been proven to be great for the brain and could be the perfect team-building activity for those who need a bit of a mental break.

Art activities like pottery can lower stress hormones in just 45 minutes, helping teams unwind from professional pressures. Pottery studios exist all over London, so a pottery day will be easy to both access and organise.

4. Team Bake Off ๐ŸŽ‚

If there are any fans of The Great British Bake Off on your team, this could be the perfect corporate team-building activity.

Live your bake-off dream in a friendly baking competition against colleagues. There are even venues in London where you can hire out a 12-station baking tent with a cake-inspired bar to enjoy when youโ€™re not working against the clock.

If your teamโ€™s vibe is closer to Masterchef, there's no reason why you can't match this format too.

5. Raft Building ๐Ÿšฃ

Building a raft with your bare hands and competing with another team to get it to the finish line first is a textbook team-building activity - it develops communication, problem-solving, leadership and teamwork skills. Importantly, itโ€™s also incredibly fun.

Raft building is all about teamwork, but a completely different kind to that displayed within the four walls of an office. Youโ€™ll see your team and their strengths in a whole new light - whoโ€™s the best and quickest at tying knots, and who can keep the teamโ€™s morale high until the finish line?

Admittedly, this corporate team-building activity may work better in the summer months.

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Corporate team-building activities in London donโ€™t have to be expensive, cringeworthy or painful - despite what past experiences of escape rooms and corporate hotel rooms might suggest.

With these low-cost, wholesome ideas, your team can forget the stresses of corporate life and have a good laugh doing it.

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