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5 best company retreat venues to consider

By Julian Canlas

Numerous studies of a post-pandemic world have shown that spending time away from your desk can boost productivity, well-being, and morale among employees. One way to achieve that age-old 'work-life balance' is by getting out of the office and organising a company retreat, where you incorporate team-building activities to help employees bond and build a stronger connection as a team.

With Basejam, organising the perfect company retreat has never been easier. Once youโ€™ve created your free account, you can filter venues by location, accommodation type, and number of people - streamlining the search to find the perfect place for your retreat objectives.

What is a company retreat?

A company retreat is a company event where employees get the chance to relax, bond, and take a break from the pressures of everyday life. It could last a day or a week and will include various activities that strengthen the teamโ€™s connection. There are no written rules for the perfect retreat - it's really up to you and what your company wants and needs.

Here at Basejam, we say sack the corporate escape rooms and replace them with activities that foster genuine connection. This could be foraging, hikes, or even a cooking class - and we're big believers that connecting to nature during retreats has infinite benefits.

Activities which encourage your team to use their problem-solving skills together, developing communication and teamwork skills without being trapped in a windowless room are without a doubt the way forward.

No matter the size of your organisation, with the right preparation the perfect company retreat is in grasp - and it's our job to get you there.

With Basejam, you can explore a wide selection of curated venues designed to suit your teamโ€™s needs and preferences. Whether you want to organize an adventure-packed getaway with wild swimming and foraging, or a tranquil break with yoga and meditation, Basejam has you sorted.

What are the benefits of a company retreat?

In todayโ€™s hustle culture, itโ€™s easy to overlook the importance of team-building in the workplace. However, investing in your employee's wellness and building a strong team connection has vital benefits for your company, such as:

Strengthening communication and teamwork

Effective communication and good teamwork between employees are the keys to success for any organisation. While this can be achieved through working days in the office, another way to invest in your teamโ€™s communication and teamwork is through a company retreat.

Inspiring innovation

Research from TravelPerk shows that most employees spark their creativity outside the traditional work environment. Being outside of the office makes employees feel more comfortable, allowing their creative juices to flow without fear of criticism.

Allowing employees to relax in a non-work environment can also reduce their stress levels and prevent any risk of employee burnout.

Improving employee retention

When making time and space to allow employees to relax, bond and find connection, positive retention rates undoubtedly follow. By hosting a company retreat you are investing in your team - and there are some serious figures to prove its impact.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, 79% of workers believe that company retreats boost job satisfaction, increasing to a huge 83% in Europe and up to 96% in Asia.

Factors to consider when choosing a company retreat location


Here at Basejam, we reckon the ideal distance for your retreat should be no longer than two hours away. Try to avoid tiring out team members on the journey before the retreat has even begun. It's important to make sure the location is accessible for everyone involved - so thinking about locations reachable within that time frame - whether that's via train, bus or plane - would be a good way to start.

Retreat objective

Realising the main purpose of your company retreat is important in determining the venue you choose. If you need a big space for team-building activities, for example, you might consider booking a venue in nature. Or if your goal is purely to let your employees relax and have fun, check out some of our locations that offer mindfulness classes and other unique activities.

Retreat resources

The accommodation for your offsite must enable a seamless offsite. We're talking about faultless wifi, lots of breakout areas and outdoor space for connecting organically with coworkers. Luckily, the venues we've picked out at Basejam cover these bases and more.

Considering catering at retreat venues is important too. Keeping it healthy and light is the best to stop people feeling sluggish. Make sure veggie/vegan options are available, as well as the ability to cater for any allergies and intolerances.

Discover your unique retreat venue with Basejam

Basejam is your ultimate resource for finding and booking the ideal retreat location that perfectly fits your teamโ€™s individual needs. With our comprehensive range of unique venues and hassle-free booking process. From spacious country houses located in nature to modern and stylish city retreats, we can help you find the ideal place to host your retreat.

5 best company retreat venues to consider

We get it - choosing the right company retreat venue can be overwhelming. To help you out, weโ€™ve selected five of the best.

1. Wellbeing retreat, nature reserve and regenerative farm stay in rural Somerset

Immerse yourself in 173 acres of magical nature and ancient woodland, including a stunning 7 acre lake. An invitation to reconnect with nature, with yourself, and with other people. All at your own pace ๐ŸŒฑ

2. Organise your own festival at this luxury glamping spot in the woods

Create your own company festival at this unique, rural location in the Essex countryside ๐ŸŽช Treat your team to nights under the stars in a tipi or yurt, mouth-watering eats from food trucks, accompanied by an acoustic guitarist around the fire, outdoor saunas and wood-fired hot tubs.

3. Escape and create on a rustic island in Essex

An idyllic island on the Blackwater Estuary, only around one hour's drive from London. Switch off from city life as you wander together along 5 miles of private beaches, rarely bumping into another soul ๐Ÿ–๏ธ

4. Portuguese rural paradise near beautiful beaches

Stunning views, fresh air and gourmet food will help teams feel healthy, nourished and revived at this luxurious and unique countryside retreat. Activities range from stargazing to spa services, and c'mon - will your team ever get over that view?

5. Luxury, tranquility, and a natural pool an hour from Lisbon

Nature-led luxury resort, country house and spa in lush green surroundings ๐ŸŒฑ Escape the city at this stunning 17-hectare estate, surrounded by pine and cork trees, wild dunes, rice fields and white-sand beaches.

Book the perfect venue today.

Company retreats are a cost-effective way to bring teams together and strengthen relationships and connections. Booking a venue which ticks all the boxes can be easy with Basejam's help.

Before searching for a place to stay, list the factors you need to consider and find the right venue with Basejam.

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